We’re Marko and Alex Ayling, vagabonds and brothers known online as the Vagabrothers. We’re award- winning travel videographers, photographers and writers – globally-engaged storytellers on a mission to explore our planet by connecting with other young people and inspiring viewers to do the same.

Travel is in our blood – we’re sons of a PanAm stewardess and a Kiwi expat, so we grew up between cultures and on the move since day one.  Originally from San Diego, we moved abroad after graduation to teach English, travel and pursue our creative careers.

In 2012, we teamed up to form Vagabrothers by combining Marko’s travel writing and journalism experience with Alex’s filmmaking and photography skills.

In 2013 we won the global travel video contest,the Biggest, Baddest, Bucket List, in which we beat out entrants from over 120 countries to win the ultimate prize: a six month trip around the world to check off our travel bucket list, documenting the journey through videos on the YouTube channel BBBTV and articles for MSN UK.  The series was then syndicated by AOL.on and Huffington Post.

It was pretty epic.

In 2014, we launched our own YouTube show, Vagabrothers, where we release new travel videos every Tuesday.  We were recently nominated as the “top 100 most influential travel bloggers worldwide” by the U.S. White House summit on global citizenship and cultural exchange.

We are loosely based in Southern California, but love collaborate with fellow YouTubers, enjoy talking to our fans, and most certainly do not bite.

Contact us at info (at) vagabrothers (dot) com.  Download our media kit here.