Vagabonds + Brothers = Vagabrothers

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Mark and Alex are brothers, backpackers and bloggers on a mission to discover the world through its people. They are globally engaged storytellers and winners of the international video contest, the Biggest, Baddest, Bucket List, which paid them to travel the world for six months checking off their travel bucket list and documenting the experience through YouTube videos, articles, and photos.

It was pretty epic.

Travel is in their blood – they are the sons of a PanAm stewardess and a Kiwi expat, so they grew up between cultures and on the move since day one.  Originally from San Diego, they moved abroad after graduation to teach English, travel and puruse their creative careers.  Together, Mark and Alex have traveled to 69 countries, lived in Spain, India, New Zealand, France, and Argentina, filmed three adventure documentaries, written two guidebooks and numerous travel articles.

Feeling the thrill on the world's fastest roller coaster at Ferrari Wolrd Abu Dhabi.  0-240km in 4 seconds.

Feeling the thrill on the world’s fastest roller coaster at Ferrari Wolrd Abu Dhabi. 0-240km in 4 seconds.

In 2012, they teamed up to form Vagabrothers by combining Mark’s travel writing and journalism experience with Alex’s filmmaking and photography skills.

In 2013, they beat out 1,600 other filmmakers from 120 countries to win the global travel video contest The Biggest, Baddest Bucket List, which paid them to travel to 25 destinations in 25 weeks, posting videos to the YouTube channel BBBTV and writing articles for MSN UK.  The series was then syndicated by AOL.on and Huffington Post.

They are currently based in Southern California where they are developing a novel concept for travel television.  They love to collaborate with fellow YouTubers, enjoy talking to their fans, and most certainly do not bite.  Contact them at info (at) vagabrothers (dot) com.

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  1. Richard Ayling

    Hi Alex and Marko,

    I am putting together an Ayling Family Tree and have already uncovered several
    Canadian branches to the tree. I know your Mum and Dad were a PanAm stewardess
    and New Zealander from your MSN Page.

    If you are interested let me know your recent Ayling ancestors, especially when they may
    have emigrated from England. I will then let you know if there is a known connection
    and you can have access to thye tree. I also have seen Ash House in Stedham. One of our
    other ancestors also purchased Woolbeding Hall from Lord Arundel in 1562. It is now a
    stately home run by the UK National Trust. All best Richard Ayling

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