California YouTuber Road Trip | vagabrothers
Reuniting the Tribes

Leaving Los Angeles

It was a spontaneous decision. Late one night at the annual VidCon conference in Anaheim California, Ben Brown invited us on a road trip and challenged us to daily vlog each day of the trip. We accepted the challenge, unaware of what awaited down the road.

The Day of Disasters

The second day of the trip was an emotional roller-coaster – from crashing our drone into the ocean to getting our dune buggy stuck in the infamous sands of Pismo Beach.

A Comedy of Errors

Everything that could go wrong, did. In this vlog, we discuss Murphy’s Law, expectations versus reality, and the best way to deal with unexpected setbacks on the road.

Escape from San Francisco

Time to escape the city and get into nature. We point our ships east and head for the mountains.

Yosemite National Park

Searching for bears and adventure in Yosemite National Park!

The End of The Road

Time to say goodbye. Recap of the best moments from the week.


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