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Why Travel?

In the first episode of the Vagabrothers new “How to Travel” series the brothers muse on the benefits of travel and ask the viewer what motivates them to travel.

Where to Travel

The world’s a big place – where should you travel? We break the world down continent by continent and give you the pros and cons of each one. Where is your #1 travel destination? Let us know in the comment box.

Time vs. Money

Want to travel, but don’t have have the time and/or the money? We share tips on how to make your travel dreams a reality.

Saving Money for Traveling

Saving money for your next trip is never easy – we share three tips to help you start budgeting for your adventure.

Eco Travel

To celebrate Earth Day, we share our tips on how to travel sustainably – from choosing accommodation and transport to supporting the local economy.

Traveling With Friends

Traveling with friends can be the best – or the worst! You may be friends back home, but little differences turn into big drama on the road. Here’s our tips on picking the right travel partner.

Packing Hacks, Tips & Tricks

Whether you’re gone for a week or a year, the key to packing is the same. We take apart our bags to show you the gear we wear on the road.

Sex and Travel

When romance happens on the road, what do you do? We team up with Andrea and Rachel from How2Travelers to talk about love, lust and travel.

Choosing Camera Gear

Many people ask us how we can film so much with so little equipment. This week, we share our secrets on what camera gear you need to start making travel video.

Q&A w/ Hey Nadine

We met up with Nadine Sykora in Washington DC to answer your questions from Instagram and Twitter. By the way…have you followed us yet?!?! Find us on Instagram and Snapchat to take part in our next Q&A video and to get daily updates and sneak-peaks into upcoming adventures.

How to Study Abroad

Recently, President Obama invited us to the White House Travel Bloggers’ Summit on Study Abroad and Global Citizenship. Studying abroad is key to preparing for a dynamic career in our globalized world, so we’re sharing some tips on making studying abroad possible.

Holiday Travel Gift Guide!

Looking for a gift for the travelers in your life? (Or yourself!) Here’s our guide to getting something special for modern vagabonds.

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+ Kindle:
+ Goal Zero Charger:
+ Book of the Peoples of the World:
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