Eating the Nordics | vagabrothers
California to Copenhagen

On day one, we fly from LAX to Copenhagen on a Norwegian Air flight to start our 7-day foodie tour of the Nordic Capitals and dive right into the local food and drink scene.

Copenhagen Street Food

On our 2nd day in Copenhagen, we hop on bikes and explore the birthplace of New Nordic cuisine – from street food to Danish hot dogs and a very special craft brewery.

Copenhagen to Stockholm

On day three, we travel from Copenhagen to Stockholm, the “Venice of the North” to learn Swedish drinking songs, eat in a restaurant that started in a garage, and party in a club under a freeway overpass.


Stockholm Old Town

We start the day learning how to make a classic Swedish breakfast dish before wandering the Old Town and meeting up with our good friend, Nick Ivarsson, one of the top surfers in Sweden.

Finnish Crayfish Party

On our first day in Helsinki, we jump into a big Finnish summer tradition – a crayfish party! Things get real wild, real quick.

Sailing the Helsinki Archipelago

We hit the seas in a tall-mast ship to island hop the Finnish Archipelago before dropping by TubeCon and Flow Festival.  All aboard!

Flow Festival, Helsinki

We finish up the trip at the Flow Festival in Helsinki, one of the best places in the world to get both music and street food – all in an untypical urban setting.

Walking on Rooftops in Tallinn, Estonia

We explore the old town of Tallinn, Estonia, one of the best preserved medieval cities in Europe and tell you the city’s story – from medieval times to independence from the USSR.

Startups in Abandoned Factories

We explore the modern side of Tallinn to discover how former soviet factories have been converted into a hub for Estonia’s new creative class.  Since the fall of Communism it has become one of the most dynamic cities in Europe, dubbed the “Silicon Valley of the Baltic” for it’s startup scene, which grew companies such as Skype. In this video, we discover how a new generation of entrepreneurs are creating new enterprises in the bones of Estonia’s industrial relics.


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