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Queenstown: Parachutes, Propellers and Panoramic Views!

Queenstown, New Zealand is the birthplace of bungee jumping and jet-boating and an gorgeous destination for adrenaline-seekers.  We soaked up the scenery the best way possible: by rocketing down a river at 85/km per hour, jumping 134m off Nevis Bungee, and sky-diving at 15,000 feet over the Southern Alps.

Thank you so much to everyone who made our stay possible: My Destination QueenstownVilla Del LagoShotover JetAJ Hackett Bungy: Nevis BungyNZONE SkydiveAmisfield WineryGlacier Southern Lake HelicoptersMt NIC High Country ExperienceSouthern DiscoveriesSkyline GondolaMore FM QueenstownTracy Roxburgh from Otago Daily Times.

Queenstown: Behind the Scenes (Episode 22)

We travel to Queenstown, New Zealand, the birthplace of adrenaline sports, to conquer the last of our fears: by rocketing down a river at 85/km per hour, jumping 134m off Nevis Bungee, and sky-diving at 15,000 feet over the Southern Alps.  Epic.


Bungee Jumping Over the Zambezi

Marko moves past his fear and steps to the edge for his first bungee jump…which happens to be at an intimidating jump with a spotty safety record.  Appeared on MSN Travel UK on 22 Nov, 2013

The bridge loomed over our week at Victoria Falls. No matter where I went I could either see it or feel its steely presence. Ever since I’d first seen it arching over the Zambezi River I knew that once I set
foot on it, I would never make it to the other side.

We’d come to Zimbabwe to visit Victoria Falls, one of the seven natural wonders of the world and by some measures the largest waterfall on earth. But soon after arriving I’d scheduled a second, more personal bucket list goal: to conquer my life-long fear of heights by bungee bumping 111 meters off the Victoria Falls Bridge.

But a single story held me back: three years ago, a woman had nearly died on this same jump. Her chord had snapped and sent her hurtling into the river below which was – thankfully – swollen with water from the rainy season.


We’d come during the dry season. The river was at its lowest level all year – 128 meters below the bridge, strewn with rocks and rapids.

For two days, visions of a similar freak accident haunted my mind. But on the third day I walked to the centre of the Victoria Falls Bridge, tied a bungee cord around my ankles, and stepped to the edge.

Read the full story at MSN Travel UK.

Zimbabwe: Behind the Scenes (Episode 15)

BBBTV Week 15: Zimbabwe

We came to Zimbabwe for three main reasons: visiting Victoria Falls, rafting down the Zambezi River, and bungee jumping off the Victoria Falls Bridge.  Along the way, we ride out with a group of unsung heroes fighting poachers in the bush.

Thank you to these guys for showing us a fantastic time: My Destination Zimbabwe, Ballintyne’s Lodge, Changa Safari Lodge, Wild Horizons, Adventure Zone, Gache Gache Lodge, and the WEPU Anti-Poaching Group, G.G.W.A