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Becoming a True Scot in Edinburgh

The brothers put on kilts and pretend to be Scots – only to discover what it really means to be a “true Scot.”  Appeared on MSN Travel UK on 24 September, 2013.

“We could totally start charging money for this,” said my brother Alex as we finished taking a photo with a pair of Italian tourists in front of Edinburgh Castle.  “Everyone thinks we’re Scottish.”

I laughed as I squatted down to open the camera bag, tucking my kilt to ensure that I didn’t expose myself before the queue forming outside the ticket window.

It was our first time wearing kilts, and the decision to film this week’s episode in traditional Scottish costume was producing an unexpected side-effect: while any local could tell from our accents that we were American, hoards of fellow tourists were asking for photos with ‘real Scotsmen.’

We were soon approached by an elderly Indian tourist.

“How much for a photo?” he asked Alex.

“Umm…one pound?” my brother suggested with a smile.

The man nodded and brought his family over for three snaps with his camera phone.  As we broke from our poses, I waited for Alex to say he was joking, that we were imposters.  Instead, Alex opened his palm, slipped the man’s coin into his sporran, and wished him good day.

“What?” Alex asked me defensively.  “A few more and we’ll have enough for a pint!”

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