A Perfect Day in Santa Monica (ft. Lysandre Nadeau)

Santa Monica is a beautiful place to be any time of the year.  Blessed with an oceanfront location and a privileged spot at intersection of Route 66 and the Pacific Coast Highway, Santa Monica is a great spot to spend a day in LA. _DSC2143 In this video, we were joined by a friend of ours from Montreal, francophonic YouTuber Lysandre Nadeau.  We filmed in this in December, when Quebec was frozen over.  But Santa Monica was beautiful. _DSC2046 Here's a list of the places we went: + Dogtown Coffee: This cool and healthy coffee shop and deli is situated in the old Zephyr surf shop, which spawned the infamous Dog Town and Z-Boys skate crew in the 1970s.  To learn more about their legacy, see the documentary Dog Town and Z Boys (trailer below)... or the somewhat-lamer-but-still-not-that-bad-for-a-Hollywood-remake Lords of Dogtown.   + Santa Monica Pier: The icon of Santa Monica, no secret here.  Pretty much the most touristic thing you can do, but also a classic amusement pier from the turn of the century.  Kinda have to to this one. _DSC1945 _DSC2094 + Bay Cities Deli: The one, the only, Bay Cities Deli.  Always busy, skip the line by grabbing one of their ready made sandwiches from the counter.  "The Spaniard" is expensive, but it's delish. _DSC1972 + The Bungalow Cocktail Bar: Where all the cool kids hang out... seriously!  It's one of the best day-drinking places in the city, especially on the weekends.  The line gets really long here, especially on Thursday nights.  On the weekend, avoid the wait by arriving shortly after it opens, around 2 or 3.  By sunset it will be poppin'. _DSC2206 _DSC2153 + Cha Cha Chicken: The down-low spot of Santa Monica.  Cheap, delicious food, and a BYOB policy that is pretty lax.  We know an unnamed friend of ours who once snuck a keg of beer in the bushes for his birthday party.  Not suggesting you do the same, just saying... _DSC2171 + Chez Jays Bar: Heard about this place from our uncle, who has been a regular since the 70s.  It's a gem.  Food is really good, but more expensive than Cha Cha Chicken.  Good, dark bar for a long drinking sesh. _DSC2171 Other Spots (Not in the film): There are no shortage of watering places, cafes, things to do in Santa Monica.  Some suggestions include the Suite 700 rooftop bar at Shangri La, Big Dean's on the Pier, and many more.  Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comment box below!

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