Top 10 Travel Guide // Singapore

Singapore stands out amongst the rest of South East Asia.  Whereas cities like Bangkok or Beijing are noisy and chaotic, Singapore is orderly and calm.   Formerly a British colony, it mixes together East and West like few other places in the world.  Here's our tips on what to do with your time in the Lion City.

  1. Walk Along the River - Start by taking a walk alongside the Singapore river, where the city was founded by the British East India company 200 years ago.  It was originally envisioned as a trading hub between Europe and Asia, as it's situated on the straights of Melacca where the trade winds meet.  This is where you'll find all the original British colonial buildings, as well as some of the old shophouses along the quays
  2. Sip a Singapore Sling in the Raffles Hotel - Okay, okay... it's not very original!  But as lovers of cocktails, we do enjoy drinking a beverage in its birthplace.  The Raffles Hotel is an institution, and it's long bar is pretty classic.  The hotel is named after the founder of Singapore, Stamford Raffles, whose life of serving the British Empire is quite the story.
  3. China Town - Singapore might have been founded by the Brits, but these days three of every four Singaporeans are of Chinese descent.  In the face of rapid development (i.e. the skyscrapers of the financial district), China Town retains an old-fangled feel through its temples, restaurants and markets.  Great place for dinner.
  4. Little India & Haj Street - Singapore's other ethnic neighborhoods are very much worth a visit as well.  Little India is home to the Tamil community (amazing curry joints here like Banana Leaf Apolo) and Haj Street is the Malay quarter and a good spot to check out trendy boutiques and ateliers.
  5. Hawkers Centres - Hawkers Centres are public food courts showcasing the best of Singaporean cuisine - street food from all of it's ethnic communities.  Maxwell Road is probably the best place to get started.  No matter where you begin, don't miss local favorites like Hainanese Chicken Rice, Chili Crab or Nasi Lemak.
  6. Southern Ridges - After all that eating, get some exercise on the southern ridges, a nice natural trail leading up to the Mt. Faber gondola, which can take you to Sentosa Island.  Natural stairmaster.
  7. Sentosa Island - Not for everyone, Sentosa Island is where all the resorts and theme parks are.  Some are lame, others are cool - like Universal Studios or the South East Asia Oceanarium (the largest in the world) where you can put on these cool old-school diving helmets that feel like a spacesuit.
  8. Wave House / iFly - For a bit more action, you can try to get barreled on the standing wave at the Wave House, then dry off at the ifly sky diving simulator.
  9. Rooftop Infiniti Pool at Marina Bay Sands Hotel - Sunset cocktails overlooking the city skyline.  Nuff said.
  10. Nightlife at Clarke Quay - For cocktails and nocturnal fun, head to the bars in the recently redeveloped area alongside the Singapore river.  Former shophouses are now cool bars, and it's a fun place to get the night started.
For more inspiration, see the video below!

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