Vagabrothers in 2016

Happy New Year! We're only a few days into January, but I can already tell that 2016 is going to be a good year.  After a period of evolution in 2015 (see the recap here) Vagabrothers is continuing to grow in the year to come.  Here's a summary of what's on the horizon:

  • More Vlog Series - Last year we pioneered a hybrid of our old travelogue style with the daily vlogging format, starting with our road trip through California and morphing into multi-video series on the Nordic Capitals and Ireland.   We really like how this combination of thorough research and spontaneity produces a binge-worthy miniseries, so we're making more of them.   From now on, expect to see our trips released as entire series.
  • Quebec in Winter - This winter we will be spending Carnival in Quebec, the French-speaking region of Canada.  Plans are still being formalized, but we will most likely be visiting Montreal, Quebec City, and Charlevoix.  If you have any other tips, write a comment in the box below.
  • Northern England - The North of England is a fascinating and beautiful place.  The region has a very strong identity that sets it apart from the rest of Britain, rooted in its heritage of Saxon kingdoms, viking invaders, the industrial revolution, and stark natural beauty.  In late February, we'll be filming all over the region, so let us know if you have any tips or know of any local YouTubers/ Instagrammers we should collab with!
  • Travel Tips - Back by popular demand, we're expanding our How-to-Travel series, filming over the next few weeks to release this winter.  We'll be covering topics such as how to get cheap airfares, surviving long plane rides, and much more.  They should be released in late winter, just in time for you to get inspiration for spring break.
  • Brand Collaborations - In the meantime, we've been filming some really cool projects with a number of brands.  Over the next few weeks, we'll be taking you on a road trip through California and a cruise through the Caribbean.  We had a great time and we think you'll love what we've produced.  Keep your eyes peeled for those videos in January.
  • Translation - In the last few months, we've been helped by a team of volunteer translators from around the world.  They have helped us bring our videos into Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Mandarin.  We've also added English subtitles to most of our newest and most popular videos, so that should be helpful for anyone practicing their English.  If you would like to help us translate into your language, please email us at
  • Merchandise Sale - We're having a sale on merch!  All products 20% off for the month of January.  Also, we've been alerted to an error in our "Traveler" shirt's Arabic.  Sorry about that!  We're not quite sure how that happened, but we're taking an additional 10% off in any case.  Head over to the store to check that out.
That's it for now!  Happy New Year to you all, and thank you for supporting Vagabrothers! Happy travels, Marko & Alex

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